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Galup Origins Coffee & Chocolate Panettone

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A new recipe, created to bring the perfect pairing of aromatic cocoa and the intense personality of coffee to a panettone. A combination that is achieved by mixing the coffee into the dough and adding milk chocolate chips, before slowly rising.


Meet the Makers

In 1922, Galup was created by Pietro and Regina Ferrua as a small pastry shop in Pinerolo, a town nestled in the northwestern region of Piemonte. Galup in Piedmontese dialect means greedy and delicious. Day by day, their pastries became the most beloved in town, thanks to their secret: use only the highest quality ingredients, from a well-maintained mother yeast to IGP hazelnuts from Piemonte to fresh cage-free eggs. Today, the family-run company continues to create their traditional beloved treats following the same recipes.