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Masseria Mirogallo Artichokes in Oil

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These Masseria Mirogallo grilled artichokes are harvested at the optimum stage of ripening; they are selected, cut and placed in the jar and flavored by a prolonged maturation in extra virgin olive oil. They are perfect for an appetizer, or can be enjoyed with meat and fish, or on top of pizza and bruschetta. 

Ingredients: Artichokes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wine Vinegar

Meet the Makers

The Masseria Mirogallo artisan farming company was established in 1998, in the Chiese Rupestri park of Matera, a beautiful city declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. They have a very precise intention: cultivate, conserve and help people learn about the fantastic Lucania products, deriving from the strong farming tradition that is deeply rooted in the territory. The aspects that most characterise the Masseria is its attention to quality instead of quantity, the combination of innovation and tradition, processing rigorously by hand and the constant search to rediscover forgotten varieties. All the products are preserved with the addition of very few ingredients that are offered by nature.