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Morelli Organic Gluten Free Calamari

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The Morelli Gluten Free Organic Calamari are named after the calamari or squid rings that they resemble. Made with organic rice and corn, which keep the pasta al dente, once cooked. Serve it with its namesake, and make a beautiful creamy seafood sauce to coat this quality pasta.

Cooking time is 16 minutes.

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Ingredients: Organic Yellow Corn Flour, Organic White Corn Flour, Organic Rice, Water

Meet the Makers

Since 1860, Pastifico Morelli has been producing many inviting types of pasta with a secret: wheat germ, the company's true mark of distinction. Not to be found in normal pasta, wheat germ is an ingredient that provides your body with important substances, such as vitamins, mineral salts, and protein. The artisan preparation and slow drying are the requirements for an incredible final result. Pastificio Morelli is also able to satisfy the most demanding palates because it produces many specialties following the most traditional ancient recipes. By selecting Morelli pasta, you are selecting genuine, healthy and truly delicious food.

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